Friday, November 12, 2021

The Best Program for Every Politician - CSP

The Best Program for Every Politician - CSP

Popularity, good decisions, great ideas can improve opportunities for politicians to be elected.  A platform that would please the vast majority of voters is a target of every campaign.  Find the target that matters most and victory will be practically guaranteed.  There will always be objectors, but if they are in the minority, then feel confident your government office will be made ready for you. 

What is it, you ask?  What will appeal to the greatest number of citizens.  It is a plan which I leave another to put a label on, but for simplicity sake I will refer to it as the CSP.  It is not novel but has been avoided as a first step on any agenda. 

The CSP offers citizens what they would never expect, but will find delightful.  Since FDR few have even mentioned this concept by itself. It has been suggested as a follow-on to another promise. Promise #1 has happened only to find promise #2 ignored, resisted and never implemented.  This has a negative impact on us all. 

Radically different, but not radical, this program will make every elected official more able to function efficiently. It requires dramatic policy changes and a team willing to collaborate in concert.  Divisiveness may require installing charismatic like minded energetic persons, yet humble, in joint sessions with a common goal. Knife throwing, throat cutting, will be reduced to darts aimed at the center of the CSP and an atmosphere of nation healing.  It will satisfy objectives of FDR, and Reagan and Trump.  It will fulfill the promise so many have made historically, but failed to deliver. 

A full boat of passengers with the same objective can pass legislation that will put more food on our tables, more money in our pockets, and more smiles on our faces.  

This is not a long verbiage proclamation that will result in you buying pills to make you smarter, thinner, or able to see better.  There is nothing for you to buy.  There is no cost to anyone. All you need do is find the politician having this platform, or encourage your local politician to embrace it, Primary those who do adopt it, support their campaign and elect them.  Citizens will benefit, in the short and long run.  What is it you ask?  What is the CSP?  The economy will boom and the rewards to citizens will become obvious. 

OK, I will tell you very soon.  CSP offers ‘more.’ The CSP simply put is a make America better, our Federal Government more functional, the job of the President more manageable, the government operations more efficient, and every State and citizen closer to decision making in our great Nation.  Opportunities will increase, independence will be embraced, the work ethic enhanced, and parents emboldened.  Americans can imagine this, but needed are elected officials with a shared imagination in concert with the voters. Once in office ignoring the wants of the people should put that officials future in jeopardy.  We will prosper with good government.  We will thrive with great leadership.  Great leaders make the hard choices, the right decisions, and do what is best and proper.  Only great leaders can implement the CSP.   What we are dealing with here is a vital national interest.    

Simplicity personified and a task historically harder for politicians than necessary, what can happen, can indeed happen with willing hearts, a love  and respect for We The People, and strength of character.  Needed are others that believe in America as they do. Responsibility can be delegated, volunteers encouraged, and businesses left to attract employees with programs they offer, not burdened with government requirements.  The work ethic will become a lighted candle to guide our Nation to greater productivity and prosperity. Families will be made essential, and faith based institutions revitalized.  It is as good as it sounds.

You need to climb aboard and write your local, state and national representatives to join the coalition all in for the CSP.  The alternative is they be replaced with others more attuned to the needs and wants of the voting majority. Everyone will know intuitively this is the best idea for our Nation. This is not a discussion about remaking the government, but refining and improving essential services that make life better, increase hope and make the machinery function as it should.  It is a hurdle that can be jumped, a traffic cone that can be avoided, an obstacle that can be pushed aside, and a hole that can be filled.  Your representative must do the work needed, and you must elect those than can and will make the promise and keep it.  

This CSP is what will make US all better in so many ways.  Beware of the resisters, the resistance, and the reticence. They are the selfish, social justice warriors that pave the way for the elitists more than the working family. The impediment to quality government comes from ideals contrary to those which make our government an aide to its citizens.  We need helping hands, not controlling fists in our faces.  Freedom is the bulwark of our democracy.  The CSP will shore up our foundation, repair our cracked walls, and make our house like new again. 

Are you ready for it. This will take dedicated servants and commitment.  But the benefits are real.  CSP.  The Cut Spending Plan.  Got it.  Cut government expenditures.  There are so many areas that can be made smaller.  Departments overburdened by bureaucracy and inefficiencies can be reduced or eliminated.  Let the states do more, be more involved, in charge.  Find those areas in Washington, the hidden offices, forgotten over the years that they even exist, the buggy whips as it were, and take them off the books. Those functionaries created to serve a purpose at a time before can now be eliminated as not needed, the emergency over.  Have more disciplined providers dispense funds as needed to avoid criminal activity that results in billions being lost, never received, or put in the hands of the wrong recipient.  More savings are available to the Federal government by avoiding mis-used, mis-handled, and mis-directed disbursements than any expenditure for additional IRS policing and watchdog powers.

Reduce congressional staffs by questioning how many people are needed to serve a given member of the legislature.  When there are too many it is a natural tendency to have them look for things to do, or legislation to write, ways to make the representative look better, or even working at all. Impose a percentage reduction program, reducing department staffs, all departments by some number, let’s start with 10%. Have those elected agree to a line item veto for the President.  Cut the pork.  Make members of Congress less piggish, less subject to bribes, and/or unnecessary funding for their districts to have them join poor legislation being offered up by their Party.  Good legislation should not need in-house contributions, specific spending offered for districts, to garner support. The prize should be to all Americans, not to politician’s constituencies just for their vote. 

The greatest gift America can give its citizens is a less costly government, a more efficient government, a helpful, caring government, serving the people, not dependent citizens, but independent, productive citizens than can and will make everything we mean to the world a sign of what all peoples can do when not on the dole, under socialism, and free to choose. 

Making America first can result in savings too.  When is enough enough in providing money to foreign nations, climate control programs in places like Paris, Iran, Russia or Asia, even military subsidies to nations that may not really love America?  What about America first when it comes to aide for illegals, or any aide for law breakers at all?  Are we to pay for family leave for the unemployed, or incentive programs for businesses that they can do themselves?  There are interventionist programs by the Federal Government that are not helpful, thus not necessary.  

We need programs that encourage hope, incentivize everyone, create competition to learn, and make starting businesses, keeping businesses, easier.  Less regulation makes America work better, perform better, compete better, produce more at home. Keep the elitists, the major contributors to politicians seeking preferences, under control.  To be for the people our government must not be against the people.  Overburdening us with taxes is not right.  But to avoid that, spending needs to be cut.  It only makes sense to do the right thing and reduce wherever possible.  We need representatives that think on our behalf, not their own.  We need politicians whose mantra is headlined with a CSP.   

Endorse the CSP.  Call for your congressperson to lead their campaign with a CSP promise.  Ask your senators to acknowledge the need and intent to exercise CSP programs.  Elect a President that proclaims CSP above all else.  Make known a desire for government support far exceeding government control.  What is made smaller in Washington DC can only make bigger what is in your wallet. 

With CSP first, above all else, what can follow naturally is RIT.  CSP then RIT.  Who is against that?  Historically it has been proven you cannot have one without the other.  When RIT preceded CSP, failure to implement CSP resulted in HND.  And it is the tax-payer that pays.  

Cut spending (CSP), then comes Reduced Income Taxes (RIT).  With steps taken in that order, it is possible to avoid Higher National Debt (HND).

We need passengers on board the train to prosperity, calling for all conductors to lead the way, and have as the commander in chief, the engineer in the engine’s cab, take us to the next stop of America as the beacon to the world of what is possible. Democracy good.  Socialism bad.  Restore America.  All aboard the CSP coast to coast Express.

A smaller puzzle, with less pieces, is easier to assemble. Less expensive too.   CSP for you and me. 


Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Requirements/Considerations for GOP Victory in 2022 and 2024

Requirements/Considerations for GOP Victory in 2022 and 2024

To win back the Senate and the House in 2022, and the White House in 2024, Donald Trump is the least likely person to lead the turn around. The Republican Party needs more who can do what Glenn Younkin did in Virginia,  form a coalition of rural Counties, people who voted for Trump, people who didn’t vote for Trump but like to vote Republican, suburban moms, female, male, white, black, and Hispanic.  The focus needs to be on capable people, being color blind at the same time.  A focus on issues that matter.  Make it an Americans for America race.   The left’s penchant to call out racism and white supremacy constantly is wearing thin, and seriously questioned, and the Covid crisis is over.  We are recovering our freedom, our economy, in part thanks to the vaccines, but also because Americans are realizing Covid will be with us.  Yet, we can live with it, as we do the flu, and continue to be careful and free. We are capable, to use an ole adage, to walk and chew gun at the same time.  Trump need not be on the scene; he can be toxic.  His policies are welcomed, but his personality is not.  We are not in the habit of embracing those who constantly see themselves as the achiever, even with good ideas, but more the team effort, less “I” and more “We.”

Hidden in the rural enclaves, the valleys and the mountains, are many patriots, citizens, that are disgusted with events in our economy, to enumerate:

  • rising gas prices, 
  • ignoring our oil independence, while calling upon OPEC and Russia to produce more oil to import.
  • false claims of a majority of racists, 
  • education being corrupted by ideologues seeking to indoctrinate our children with:  
    • Critical Race Theory (CRT), which engenders division and hatred. 
    • re-constituted history (1619 Project), 
    • allegations of white supremacy making guilt by caucasian children a requirement, 
    • a disregard for parents views or preferences for their children’s education
    • a lack of school choice
  • the failed Afghanistan pull-out
  • a callous disregard for Americans and loyalists left behind in Afghanistan
  • illegal immigration run amok, 
  • payments to illegals for health care, education, even family support, far in excess of what is available to citizens, and especially properly vetted immigrants seeking and attaining citizenship legally, 
  • inflation, 
  • an elderly compromised President with weak leadership qualities and communication skills, 
  • a concern for who is really in control of our Federal Government,
  • questionable choices by the Biden Administration for the head of various departments and Cabinet positions,
  • a questionable choice of VP as back-up for the Oval Office, 
  • officials in the Administration more focused on prioritizing sexual preferences, the climate and social justice, than issues that matter to the majority,  
  • excess government spending with no apparent desire, all factions at fault, to reduce spending
  • the push by progressive Democrats seeking a broad socialist agenda for the entire nation, to include items as reparations, medicare for all, payments for illegals,
  • socialist spending plans without fiscal responsibility,
  • burdening tax-payers for the pet projects of elected officials.
  • a troubling increasing Federal debt,
  • so much of the Main Stream Media voicing opinions that do not reflect the majority of our citizens
  • the apparent collaboration between the majority of Main Stream Media and the Democratic Party,
  • a push for unions and unionization, not for a better work environment, but for increased funding from unions to support liberal political candidates that cater to their demands.  
  • unions being used as a force against business, education, and healthcare, more for themselves than those they serve.
  • affirmative action gone to far, weakening education standards, impacting productivity, and effecting decision making.
  • campaigns to defund the police, or limit police activities and the ability to remove criminals from our streets, while the elitists then use campaign funds or tax-payor dollars for private security.
  • falsifying fears of impending climate changes and diverting funds from matters more essential, higher in priority, that impact all Americans and our economy,
  • the hypocrisy of many politicians doing for themselves what they tell their constituents not to do,
  • a criminal control system that is releasing dangerous perpetrators without bail and with little consequence,
  • and more….

The list is in no particular order of priority, but each issue is important.

Inputting a personal concern, with an emphasis on the size of government and the habitual nature of elected officials to talk about spending cuts, but doing nothing once elected.  Our Federal Government is too big and more interventionist than helpful.  With no critical emergency to deal with more can be relegated to States, reducing departments, agencies and Czars that occupy Washington DC offices.  That is an opportunity to cut spending.  And with spending cut, first, taxes can then be reduced.  To reduce taxes, first, and not cut spending did not work for either Reagan or Trump.  Consider how much staff is needed by each Senator, each Congressman, how large need the EPA be, how long a motorcade to a climate control conference is justifiable, and on and on and on.  Then consider welfare or entitlement programs that put government before parents and faith as guides, confidants, and care givers.  Such programs also take away self-esteem, incentives to work and the need to better oneself.  They are costly and often a tool of politicians to incentivize dependent persons to vote for those promising to satisfy their wants and desires.  That make’s our Nation weaker and lazier. 

Power, to many politicians, becomes their drug and they seek to control, as made clear by McAuliffe in his race for VA governor, suggesting that parents should have no say in the curriculum the system generates and the teachers are ordered to teach. This is not how Americans want to be led. 

If Democrats want to mirror FDR then adopt his desire for small government, manageable, that helps our citizens, not a big government, unwieldy, that intervenes and creates impediments to progress. 

Trump can love America, as he does, but he should not be the face of the Republican Party going forward, ‘a’ face, yes, but not ‘the’ face.  


Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger

Friday, October 29, 2021

Remembering FDR

Remembering FDR


It was during the Depression.  America was still trying to recover.  The depression had spread to Europe, as payment of debts to America for WWI could not be met. Germany (Hitler) was getting active in Europe.  It was 1932.  The sitting President was Herbert Hoover, running for reelection against Franklin Delano Roosevelt.   38,583,702 votes were cast.  FDR received over 59% to become the 32nd President of the United States. More than 13 million were out of work. FDR sought to restore the spirit of our Nation and a hope for a better future.  Hoover’s term began with American prosperity at an all time high, and ended at just the opposite.  FDR was elected because the population wanted more from the Federal Government. Improved social conditions and improved job and business opportunities was a campaign pledge, with the Federal Government doing more. Hoover valued individualism and minimal government involvement in the affairs of business, a respected position, but at that time FDR saw a need to get America back to work, back on track, and in the process revive that individual zeal to learn and achieve. It was to be the New Deal.

First 100 Days

The first 100 days were active, with Bank reform, a Federal Reserve, a reduction in government employee pay that went to relief functions ($500 million), and jobs provided in large scale infrastructure and works projects. The Federal worker pay cut was 15%.  He restored confidence in the Federal Government. He worked with Republicans and Democrats appointing them to various positions, established a minimum wage and a work week. He expanded the executive powers of the office and communicated well using fireside chats (radio), many speeches and frequent press conferences.  


It was not until 1941 that we entered WWII.  Leading up to that point FDR was aware of the need, at the same time the reluctance of the American people, providing alternative means of support for Great Britain until the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and Germany declared war on us.  FDR was an excellent deal maker, as well as communicator.  He was able to bridge party lines in times of crises. However, once improvements became obvious his intent was not to make the Federal Government the piggy bank, or the control center, for all areas of the government. He recognized an independent person, properly incentivized, was critical to America’s overall prosperity.  He saw a stalled engine of progress, sought to give it a push downhill, until restarted, and then it was to be on its way.  

After FDR

What happened to FDR’s ideas after WWII and after his death, besides Truman, then Eisenhower, and the subsequent Presidents?  America did come alive. The New Deal ended when WWII began and our industry was effectively nationalized for the war effort.  Employment boomed, bringing with it women in droves into the work force. An Act was passed that prevented discrimination in defense plants. Truman ended the war when two atomic bombs were dropped over Japan. With the war over, soldiers with reserves of cash anxious to spend, and bank accounts growing, industry returned to making decisions for themselves and goods to satisfy demand. Battleships, tanks and jeeps, become washing machines, typewriters, automobiles, and other home luxuries. The broad authority FDR assumed was needed then, to combat the depression and the axis of evil in the world. Confidence in the American economic system was invigorated and made even better. But are the powers of government to be used at all times, now, to address our country’s problems?  What has happened to States Rights?  It has become a policy of the Democrats to control, in the spirit of FDR, while ignoring the concept of small and efficient government and independent free people from all corners of our nation.  

Welfare once a purview of States, under FDR, became an instrument of the Federal Government.  I believe his intent was to eventually return such oversight to governors.  Certainly the Great Society President 36, LBJ, did not see it that way.  Ignoring the progress minorities, especially blacks, were making in our Nation, as family units, as strong religious factions, LBJ created a welfare system that since its inauguration has done less to lift the poor, the minority poor, out of poverty and more to destroy the family unit and a love for God. Trillions have been spent.  We have become a nation seeking, under the banner of progressivism, more entitlements, less independence, more children born out of wedlock, and fewer two parent (and two biological parent) homes.  In the 60’s 90% of babies were born to married couples.  Today 40% of children are born to unwed mothers. 52% of children today live with their birth parents. Children raised in a cohesive two biological parent home are 25% healthier,  and more likely to graduate high school and college. The chance of such children living in poverty is reduced by 82%. Ronald Reagan on the Great Society called it, “a bundle of expensive and failed initiatives that contributed to rather than alleviated, suffering.”


The realities for Presidents after FDR, after the war ended, were never as grave or dark as during FDR’s tenure.  Yet they seemed to continue to preach as if that was not the case.  Power and control became their objective, not We The People.  Reagan was alone in his effort to reduce spending and restore sanity, especially after Jimmy Carter continued bringing State departments into the Federal chambers, such as Education and Energy in 1979.  The Federal Education bureaucracy now consumes over $80 billion of tax revenues to cover their annual operations.  From a recent article to be published on this site soon (The Office of the Commander in Chief is Too Big for Any Britches), “Reagan saw the problem, with a focus on government officials, both parties, when Departments are instituted, agencies formed and Czars created, the government gets larger, remarked, ‘They have forgotten that when you create a government bureaucracy, no matter how well intended it is, almost instantly its top priority becomes preservation of the bureaucracy.’”  

Parsing FDR’s 1933 inaugural speech, he noted, “Only an optimist can deny the dark realities of the moment….Our greatest primary task is to put people to work….It can be helped by insistence that the Federal, State and local governments act forthwith on the demand that their cost be dramatically reduced….Our international trade relations … (are) secondary to … a sound national economy….(We are) a stricken nation in the midst of a stricken world….” FDR sought from Congress, and received, “broad Executive power to wage war against the emergency….”  But in order of magnitude since WWII there has been no similar emergency, stricken nation in a stricken world, dark reality, or need for jobs.  The government could indeed be smaller, less costly today and less invasive.  More can be delegated to State governors, such as health, education, energy, even welfare.  Executive power need not be as great, either. However, take the power ball out of the hands of the President, Congress too, and as noted by RR there will be great resistance, as, “preservation of the bureaucracy” becomes paramount.  This needs to stop!  When did Biden ever propose during Covid, or Trump for that matter, “that the Federal, State and local governments act…that their cost be dramatically reduced.” They were never asked to suffer as were the non-public service employed citizens.  Where was the shared focus? 

Time and Purpose

Greatly admired and capable FDR was the right President for his time, and our times.  Since then the importance of the position, the reason for intervention by the government has been ignored.  It is to help Americans keep our nation great, productive, safe, and prosperous.  Tax and spend was not a goal. The government was never intended to be a burden on the people. The government is not our parent.  

The Federal Government is not to control our schools and industry to indoctrinate children and employees to honor a political code; the basics are to take precedence, reading, math, writing, and history.  I refer to actual history, not recreated or politicized history (such as 1619 or CRT).  History has leaders on both sides to be understood. 

The family unit is essential to being prosperous, healthy and having a less needy society. A dependent element less likely to care for children is not worthy.  A less needy society is less costly to every tax payor. 

We do need to trust in God. 

Remember FDR

Remember FDR.  Do not forget the challenges he faced.  Not necessary today are the programs and the powers he assumed during this dark time, a critical emergency in our history.  Government has become too large and can be made smaller.  A supersized American Federal Government was never FDR’s intent.  We are healthy; we are robust, and we are capable.  We are today what FDR desired; he helped us to achieve.  

Since FDR our Presidents have lost the meaning and purpose of their Office.  And Congress has fallen in love with an excessive overburdened and unneeded bureaucratic empire.  

We, as Americans, are the ones that need to strike back against this empire by voting for the change that is needed.  Make your vote count.  Even Republicans liked FDR, but we can never forget.  “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” rings so true, and that fear is too often trumped up by those seeking power and making promises they cannot keep.  What we do need to fear is a government that is too, too big, with too many departments.  More responsibility can be delegated to States, where it once was, to better serve us all.  

And no matter how hard he tries Joe Biden will never be an FDR, nor should he attempt to position himself as FDR.  The only crisis we have today is that of the fear being instilled in most Americans of the threat of socialism, and the indoctrination of our children by the left, and the incompetence demonstrated to date by President Joe Biden, his Vice President Harris and far too many members of his Administration.


Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger


Friday, October 22, 2021

Our Liberty Ship - Lost at Sea

 Our Liberty Ship - Lost At Sea

Americans are fickle beings. We are experiencing a crisis in leadership. However we are so divided it is a conundrum as to how to resolve the issue. The Office of President is vital to America’s success in both domestic and foreign affairs. Essential to both is balance, expectations of strength and a unifying voice followed by acceptable actions. The primary beneficiary must always be the citizen. As a nation we are defined by our borders and what is achieved within bounds.  A common analogy is as the captain of a ship, the ship of State. Where it is steered, towards safe ports or troubled waters, will reflect on the one at the wheel. All those on board are the responsibility of the captain. Right or wrong the final decision is theirs. Those chosen by the passengers to take the helm are charged with their care, and that of the crew as well. The captain “will be judged by the fulfillment of his duties to the people as a whole,” quoting the author Jeremi Suri, his book, The Impossible Presidency: the Rise and Fall,of America’s Highest Office. 

Weak Joe

We now have a weak Captain. When we have a strong President the citizenry is often divided. Defining ‘weak’ is to be confused, unfocused, less than transparent and inept at being decisive and correct regarding critical matters. Style is less important, but likability can be beneficial. Defining “strong” suggests the opposite of weak, but historically has been problematic for the citizenry.  Too strong suggests a tyrannical authoritarian, reminiscent of historical monarchies from which evolved America formed by those who escaped. After several hundred years we are sufficiently educated as to the conceptual foundation of our Founders to distrust dominant leadership. Even though the people benefit and prosper, they remain skeptical. Without corruption can the executive be ‘for real?’ Maybe it is only history and a reflection on the past, years into the future, when we will know or realize the truth. In the meantime citizens remain critical and demanding, with expectations outside the realm of reality, and ignorant of cause and effect. How difficult is it to accept that which is working? Why is it too frequent that we become victims to the whims of political power struggles? 

In a recent Quinnipiac University survey (10/5/2021) the majority (over 53%) of those surveyed said the Biden administration is not competent in running the government. The captain is derelict in his responsibilities, some believe demented. Approval was just 38%. His “good leadership skills” was measured at 41%. 

In 2020 Trump’s overall approval rating experienced significant monthly drops, to as low as 36%, mostly due to Covid as well as main stream media leftists tirelessly contriving a fake narrative or dismissing accomplishments of Trump and important truths about Biden and family. Trump lost the Presidential 2020 election as a result.  

Election Fraud

Many believe, supported by recent reports (PA & AZ), that far too many fraudulent votes for Biden were counted, and votes for Trump trashed by unsavory poll workers or manipulated voting machines (Dominion).  Another view, less than a conspiracy, is a Democrat led fusion into the voting process, as a bully elbows wide pushing into the center of a room, altering voting laws to allow untold quantities of mail-in votes, door-to-door solicitations for mail-ins, and extended hours to collect and to count votes, with an emphasis on the Democrat ballot.  There was possibly more ballot harvesting than fraudulent voting. Either way, such practices need to be curbed, or balanced, to be fair to the whole of the voting populace. 

Another concern.  Was Biden properly vetted by the voters? It was the main stream media that should have been more open and truthful in their representation of Biden, completely ignoring the Hunter Biden scandal, which did involve Joe Biden as the ‘boss.’ In addition he hardly made appearances, referred to as ‘basement Joe,’ while Trump hosted crowds of 15-25,000 regularly. This raises two concerns. One is the unmitigated bias of main stream educated liberal journalists, more opinion-ists than true reporters. They hid information, that is, ‘not just the facts’ were put on air and in the press, facts important to voters in helping them decide, choose, whom to vote for; a wanton disregard for important information that affects all Americans by the leftist media who seem to dominate the airwaves. The second is the voter, failing to see through the disinformation campaign, and allowing bitterness to a strong, yet less than humble, sitting President boil into rage and hatred, blinding far too many to the reality of the times. 

Media with a Left Foot

The leftest media, showing no patriotism or love for America, chooses what they want to say, when to say it, they repeat fabrications, and dismiss that which is critical to their narrative. Do they not want America to be great? Are they more globalists than Americans? Do they seek a Ship of State adrift? Why would they not want our borders secure and immigrants, no matter the numbers, properly vetted. We have a whole world to choose from, so why let just anyone come. They know we can do a better job with immigration, yet allow hundreds of thousands of illegals to flood our southern border. They use guilt and contrived compassion to criticize those that want our borders closed, as if Americans do not care. But ask them if they want untold hoards of unknowns being relocated to their neighborhoods? I think you know the answer; that is the hypocrisy of the left. It is their self-identified nature as social justice warriors, while at the same time exhibiting personal standards or prejudices as those they, often, falsely accuse. 

Examples are labeling parents terrorists for passionately opposing school boards that promote and defend leftist ideals. Ideals, mind you, that attack God, show disdain for the family unit, and encourage deviant behavior as if it is the norm. Then there is mandating masks and vaccinations, using oppressive tactics such as being fired for non-compliance, all while those vaxxed are supposed to be protected.  The Covid pandemic today is of the non-vaccinated; the vaccinated are less likely to become a statistic.  Another is criticism of Trump’s border policies, when those of Biden are decisively worse. A third is defending Biden’s Afghanistan exit, blaming Trump (who would have listened to his generals and left troops to maintain stability and access to intelligence in the region) who also said he wanted our troops out and the war ended. And for good measure, encouraging harassment of those opposed to progressive leftist objectives, even following a female Senator into a public bathroom, without objection (dismissing it as normal), while parents are subject to DOJ and FBI punishment for speaking out against Critical Race Theory and sexual references, even positions, in texts of their elementary and junior high schoolers. One final example, that of allowing the burning and pillaging of cities like Portland and Minneapolis, seen as a form of reparations, justified, the stealing and arson, for those oppressed by the white supremacists, even black white supremacy, and police. This then leads us to the defunding of police (mostly in Democrat run cities), lying that the conservatives were behind this action, while seeking personal protection using campaign or tax-payor funds (the Cori Bush tactic). 

And it is not mean, or selfish, to want our government to balance the Federal Budget, to make decisions that keep inflation at a minimum, to incentivize people to work, to learn, to achieve and not just cast dollars, print dollars, about as a daily safety net for underachievers. After all that is what every family, every individual must do.  Excess spending, building up credit card debt, always leads to problems. Saying no to ‘entitlements’ is neither racist nor supremacist. Allowing parents to campaign for how their children are educated is neither an act of terrorism, nor a willful attempt to destroy school board members. Americans generally want what is right and good for their families. Being free to choose not to be vaccinated when protection is offered is a personal choice. There are good reasons for many. 

Conservative Nature

In general the more conservative, the so referenced ‘white’ supremacists, whether white, black, brown or otherwise, are not as vocal as the left, and maybe that needs to change. But such change to Biden tends to bring out the DOJ (using a could-have-been Supreme Court Justice - Garland) to quiet the silent majority as soon as they speak up. 

Being fickle is not being stupid. Maybe it is more indifference. But Biden and the progressives are awakening American citizen’s minds to the ideals of our Constitution and the rationale that went into it. They want national security, communities preserved, prosperity and liberty, as nationalists. This means our borders are ours, not Biden’s, not the Democrats, but America’s. Our sovereign nation needs to be protected for the welfare of our citizens, not that of the world.  Our ‘right’ is to be protected by our Constitution with a person at the wheel that can do that for US all.  And our economy needs to be strong. Causing inflation without regard for the middle class, the cost to our prosperity and competitive status, is an error in judgment. What was wrong with energy independence under Trump? 

What the Progressives, and Nancy Pelosi, want is not what the majority of America wants. Billions for liberal news. Unions granted privileges in hiring, Higher taxes on married couples than singles. Support for Critical Race Theory in education. IRS watchdogs over bank accounts, cash flows in and out. Many construction projects to nowhere under the guise of infrastructure. Socialism hidden under the bridges, more fodder for the ghouls wearing Social Justice warrior badges while living in penthouses and dining on caviar. The progressives need the blacks, the poor, the compromised and oppressed minorities, not for what they can do for them, but for what they suggest they need and might do for them, all while having them do for the progressives what they want - their votes.  The Democrats are elitists, as would be socialist leaders, as Russian leaders living in dachas while the masses enjoy the socialism they provide. All for the good OF THE PARTY.

Nanny, Nanny, Nanny

The Demcrats want a nanny state, believing the people cannot do for themselves what they need to do. Ronald Reagan said it well, “From time to time we’ve been tempted to believe society has become too complex to be managed by self-rule, that government by an elite group is superior to government for, by, and of the people.  Well, if not one among us is capable of governing himself, then who among us has the capacity to govern someone else?”  Biden cannot even do his own checkbook, he needs his son Hunter to do that (and keep it full too, I presume). 

Our ship needs a new captain and crew. We need passengers that are attentive and care. We are capable people.  Do not let the liberals tell you otherwise. 


Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger

Note:  Cover Picture: SS John W. Brown, one of four surviving Liberty ships, photographed in 2000 - from Wikipedia


Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Too Big to Govern Well

Too Big to Govern Well

Is governing the United States too great a job for any Executive?  Since our founding when our population was 2,500,000, and now over 330,000,000 (132 times greater), with a Federal Government employing over 2,200,000, almost as much as the population total in 1776, this is a valid question.  Has America outgrown its ability to be properly managed? What kind of person, with what intellectual talents, and human nature, or demeanor, is needed? 

Am I asking this question more because of Biden now in office?  That may be the case, but it is a worthy consideration. 

Biden is certainly too small minded, and physically and mentally challenged for the task.  He appears as a puppet on strings whose operators are a biased class, not necessarily focused on WeThePeople as a whole, that is, the common good. Trump was decisive, well equipped to access the myriad views from advisors, as a whole, not one on one, hearing them all, and deciding, his plate full, many plates spinning as a well skilled juggler, yet he lacked the humility and character expected of a person having attained the highest office in our land. Obama was biased and clouded in judgment by his race and heritage, his decisions unbalanced, his positions on important issues in flux. Even Kennedy was immature, especially on military matters resulting in the embarrassing Bay of Pigs disaster and igniting the Vietnam war. His successors were mostly inept and cumbersome in their decisions and ability to lead. Nixon was intelligent, dull, self-absorbed, lacking friends, and obsessed with a righteous indignation towards critics. Carter was blinded by the oil crisis and the Shah, his ignorance of Middle East history and Islamism enabled a theocracy to overthrow a parliamentarian quasi-democracy in Iran, changing the picture under development in the desert. He was a bumbler.  Reagan was more the statesman and should get more credit for what he achieved than he has.  The Cold War was ended, then, Russia’s inadequacies exposed. The Bushes made many errors, with penchants for war and Clinton, in spite of his dalliances, was clear headed and practical, albeit a bit timid as to foreign affairs.  

Entitlements became the inducement, particularly for the left and the so labeled progressives, to vote ‘for me’ and not the strength of their character or their achievements for WeThePeople. Politics, and political dominance became a focus and not leadership for a unified nation. Thus the dilemma has become one of Party power and representation more than leadership. Divisiveness is in greater evidence, along with intransigence and a renewal for separation of races, sexually gender preferentially oriented, and repressed minorities. They, and those who align with ‘they’ are offered safe spaces, as politically and conveniently defined.  Trump represented the People, but the Party, Democratic and far too many Republicans, disliked his style, his rapid movements, his accomplishments, his steam-roller style and his braggadocio. He was dismissed not for what he was able to do, or his energy and focus, all too often overlooked, but his failure to fit the role ascribed by the elite for the Office of President. Trump in my view was the most able President since Eisenhower. Until the U2 was exposed Ike was revered, the peacekeeper, the man that kept the world free of nuclear annihilation and new wars. He had but a few months left in his reign. 

Needed is an executive whose authority is not arbitrary, and/or based on personal sentiment, but exercised, depending on circumstances and changing times, personal freedoms and choice always respected, for the good of the whole of the citizenry.  One’s duty is to serve WeThePeople, to insure our sovereignty, to engender opportunity to prosper, and to unify. 

Our Nation has come far, but the oversight role of the President may be too great for any human. To wit, those we choose, for whom we vote and entrust with this role, must be vetted by us all and carefully selected as one most able to do what may be the impossible. 

A matching conundrum is the voter collective itself; are we capable of choosing well? 

Thomas W. Balderston  

Author and Blogger

@TomBalderston (Twitter)

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Understanding Biden May Not Be Possible

Understanding Biden May Not Be Possible

It is Thursday August 19, 2021.  What has transpired in our Nation since Friday is disturbing, to say the least.  It kept me awake last night wondering.  What will this Administration do next?  When I use Biden’s name, it is not just Biden, but the entire Democrat Party machine that has advised Joe, selected his Vice President, Kamala, and counseled repeatedly on Cabinet posts and other staff positions important to decisions being made from the Oval Office. Many have asked who is behind Biden?  There are many left-overs from the Obama era, or Obama/Biden era, in important roles, more a continuation of the Obama Presidency, policies and ideology.  But what has transpired since Biden’s inauguration and what may happen in the 3 1/2 years left in his term, a pattern already apparent, is problematic for me.  Many with whom I have spoken feel very much the same.  They feel there will be a rise in suicides and depression in America because of the decisions and expected as well as unexpected outcomes that have resulted.  

Today we are seeing first hand the debacle in Afghanistan.  Over 10,000 Americans may be stranded there, Biden unprepared to protect their exit.  For those that supported Biden, as true Democrats or Trump haters, there must be some doubts, knowing too Biden’s history and mental condition in advance of November 2020’s election.   He seldom appeared during the campaign, referred to as ‘basement Joe,’ and drew minimal audiences (never crowds), adequately spaced for Covid fear concerns, when he did.  He mostly spoke from teleprompter and seldom candidly, as when that did occur his stumbles, mumbles and gaffs gave credence to his mental limitations. He was a phantom then, and even now, as last night he needed to return to his Delaware home to his cozy bed.  No wonder he cannot sleep.  There are many Americans having difficulty sleeping with Biden in office, from those that did not vote for him as well as many who did.  The media continues to ignore, deflect and cover for his lack of leadership, and their lack of proper journalism. 

What is disturbing most about Afghanistan is the killing of Christians and missionaries by the Taliban.  Hundreds are being beheaded.  And that has occurred since last Friday.  Their blood is on Biden’s hands. This is an act of cruelty beyond comprehension.  With our military present, even a force of as little as 5000, the whole of Afghanistan’s citizenry, to include girls, women, children, Christians, American’s, NGO’s and other non-Islamists were relatively safe.  Even their President, Ghani, felt secure.  His hasty departure is a demonstration of his awareness of what the Taliban was ready and able to do, much moreso that all of Biden’s remarks and assurances that the fall of Kabul as well as the majority of Afghanistan would not take place due to the 500,000 member American trained Afghan army versus the 75,000 untrained Taliban terrorist organization. In an interview yesterday by George Stephanopoulos on ABC Biden, his vacation tan on display, said he expected the chaos, and made the right decision to withdraw.  If he did expect the chaos, why did he not then properly prepare our military and citizens living there to get out safely and with all the time necessary?  Even anti-Trumper GOP Liz Chaney called Biden’s performance, ‘ignorant and shameful…by an American President.”

On Tuesday he spoke to the American people rapidly leaving his teleprompter, taking no questions from the Press.  It did not make me feel comforted.  You?  The next day he appeared again on TV to discuss mandates for Covid, the new, less deadly, Delta strain.  No mention of Afghanistan.  More Americans will die as a result of his recent decisions than died on 911.  And his mandates are more a power play, demanding masks on children, scientifically unnecessary vaccinations for persons who have had Covid and already have high anti-bodies in their systems, booster shots after 8 months, and attacking Governors for allowing their residents the freedom to choose.  Ron DeSantis of Florida has become more of a terrorist according to Biden than the Taliban.  So Biden did not listen to his advisors on the exit strategy for Afghanistan nor the science on Covid.  And now we know also that hydroxychloroquine works. Knowing that in 2020 could have saved 500,000 Americans from dying of Covid.  

My wife was brought to tears last night as the news showed Afghan women, mothers, being pushed and shoved while holding children in their arms.  They were lifting babies and small children over the fence at the Kabul airport in an attempt to have them taken away, made free.  They knew they would be left behind to possibly die, be raped, have to marry a Taliban militant, and suffer under the dictates and controls of the Islamist Sharia regime.  They did not want this for their children, wiling to give them away, live without them, out of abundant love. What freedom they had during the occupation was instantly gone, their faces to now be covered, their fingers removed if they displayed nail polish applied, and worse.  No thanks to Biden.  

Biden is proving that reversing all of Trump’s decisions may have satisfied the haters, progressives, and himself, as a big boy in big pants move, but those choices have not been in America’s best interests.  CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC and others in the Main Stream Media are doing their best to defend their choice, while more and more viewers are turning to Fox and Newsmax to get the truth, even the facts, so they can then decide, as independent thinking persons, for themselves.  The Wall worked, but now, Biden choosing not to complete it, we have illegal immigrants flooding over our southern border, with Covid as well, and no mask mandate. Democrat run cities are “defunding the police,” with their champion Cori Bush of St Louis and Ferguson fame, now an elected Congressperson, wanting more, while paying handsomely for private security for herself.  ‘With power we can be safe, while we make America less safe.’ appears to be the campaign theme for Democrats.  Why do they hate their own Nation, a nation that has welcomed the likes of Ilhan Omar, so much. And the Squad, all intersectional women, rely on calls of ‘racism' to defend themselves of any criticism for their lack of judgement, callous attitudes towards Jews (anti-semitism), and want for an increasingly dependent and entitlement enriched dumbed down Nation.  

While a humanitarian crisis was unfolding in Afghanistan Biden was on vacation and his spokesperson, Jen Psaki, in a voicemail message, was “out of the office.” Many other Administration officials were unavailable as well.  There were no calls to other foreign leaders to discuss what Biden’s plans included.  Biden was alone at Camp David. As far back as July 8, when a reporter suggested his exit plans reminded him of Vietnam, Biden was emphatic the situation was under control and “This is not Saigon.” Well Biden was wrong again.  He has had a 48 year career in politics and often as a critic of Presidential choices made, often he was wrong then.  And now as President he cannot be a passive critic, but he is actively on display and his incompetence over the years is proving to be fact.  Can we expect anything better from the DNC’s choice for VP Harris? 

How many wish today there was a means to demand a recall election for President as is the case in California for another power filled leader, Governor Gavin Newsom?

Murdering Christians as Islamist terrorists occupy an area is nothing new.  ISIS did it.  And now the Taliban is doing it.  Under U.S. occupation over the last 20 years the Christian community in Afghanistan has grown. I have a missionary friend stationed in Kabul.  I do not know if he has been able to get out.  And it is not just the Christians being threatened.  Non-conformist Muslims will be exterminated too. As the McCarthy era (early 1950’s) on the hunt for Communists in our midst (most often fabricated and without facts) the Taliban will hunt, already going door to door, for any Afghan American supporter or sympathizer, to include the interpreters, to beat them, to kill them, and to rid them from their planned Taliban society.  Afghanistan under Taliban control will be a terrorist haven, lead by brutal dictators and murderers, equipped with over 20 billion dollars worth of left behind military hardware, and funded by Pakistan and heroin sales.  Biden has made the Taliban army strong.  He knew that would happen, call it ‘chaos.’

The USA along with other free nations occupied Afghanistan to prevent the growth of Al Qaeda and find the perpetrators of 911, and for the UK, 711.  The occupation also aided a weak country to become more free, more modern, and more a part of the whole world.  With a small military presence Afghanistan could continue to modernize and become more free, more civilized.  Instead Biden has enabled millions of Afghanis to potentially die, to become captive to a 7th Century barbaric regime, to transform a burgeoning society into a monolithic Islamic State ruled by the Taliban.  The Taliban are neither Islamic scholars nor leaders, they are a band of terrorists out for themselves and the power they can wield by means of the mantra of Mohammad, “fear and violence.” 

We still have troops in Germany, Japan and Korea.  Why not Afghanistan and Iraq?  It can serve multiple purposes in training our service members, and familiarizing them with foreign leaders and nations and thinking.  But it also serves, and maybe more importantly, as an intelligence gathering tool, making us more aware of the world as a whole, attitudes, cultures, societies, and military abilities. 

My greatest concern is that Biden is making America less American and more global, mitigating our freedoms, speech and thought, and diluting our societies and culture with the unwanted presence of hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, who will not readily assimilate and who also bring with them cultures and lifestyles adverse to our won. Diseases too. There will be less security, more crime, an increase in uneducated non-productive, non-english speaking illegals, more taxes to support dependents, and greater disparities in our education and attitudes to what has made America the greatest nation in the World.  

Biden is failing to maintain our status and strength on the world stage. He turns his back on us, as Christians, as Americans, as soldiers, as humans, as free people, and as citizens. 

I am troubled.

Grace and Peace.  Pray for America and it citizens. 


Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger

Wednesday, August 11, 2021

What Has Happened to Educating our Children

 What Has Happened to Educating our Children


When we are born, what do we know?  Not much.  How do we learn?  First from our parents, grandparents and siblings, then possibly a mentor, our peers, our experiences, our teachers, our ministers (or preachers), our leaders, media and from books and other information sources. Parents are essential.  The majority, the masses, are a mixture of learning styles, influences, and understanding. However we can visualize a pyramid of citizens in any culture.  At the top are the leaders, the teachers, the preachers, the educated, the influencers, those that inspire and those that guide. For a family, a two person family, the peak of the pyramid is Mom and Dad.  As you progress down the pyramid the numbers grow, in the middle are those that are trained, educated, or equipped with skills and talents, and at the base are those gaining knowledge and knowhow, dependent on those above them in how and what they perceive as real, as truth and as important.  For the base to advance upward they need to grow in understanding.  They become part of a culture, a society, and can add or detract from the overall success of their environment. 

As children mature and develop their independence and the God gift of discernment emerge and they can begin to learn and discover for themselves.  Self-motivation becomes a factor, as well as prior conditioning and any limitations imposed by their culture or society.  Parents remain the guardian, unless they are removed from the equation. 

How we learn is determined mainly by and from whom we learn. We can be taught objectively or subjectively. We can be trained and indoctrinated.  As students, or subjects, we can be conditioned according to the will, the desires, or the needs of those that are in charge. The young, the impressionable, are sponges that are ready to absorb, even forced, to accept what they are exposed to, especially if there is little choice as to subjects or curriculum. Parents, if permitted, can guide, and should, but if removed from the avenue to learn, then they are but those that resist or abet those in charge of the subject matter to be taught, and the physical requirements to be met. 

I cannot stress the importance of family in the nature (how, what and where) of that which our children learn.  Bias can be imparted a willing subject.  

When it comes to what and how our children learn, think of a sport, like tennis, where there is a divider between opponents.  The ‘net’ is the point of division.  Each side seeks victory.  However, much different than a sport, or tennis, when it comes to the education arena, a virtual ‘net’ does exist.  The sides can be quite different.  And a parent, more than the child, can choose the side of the divide they prefer their children be taught.  Today we have two sides, mainly, the liberal side and the conservative side.  

Politics in Education

It has become political. Democrats are battling Republicans. This fight for the minds of children and Americans has come to the classroom. Churches are being criticized as being part of the establishment, and Republican, yet many Democrats remain believers.  The social justice the liberals seek, in my view, should be the role of the church, not the government.  In the past both Parties would embrace the American flag, patriotism, God and love of country, but that has changed. The New York Times (NYT) noted on July 3 that “flying a flag…is increasingly seen as a clue…to a person’s political affiliation in a deeply divided nation.” (I added the italics as emphasis). Maxine Waters, a face of the left, claimed on the 4th this year that it is ‘racist.’  Because there was slavery at the time of the Declaration of Independence the American ideal portrayed left out the blacks.  She may have missed her civics classes on the Civil War and the battle to rid our country of slavery, the result, emancipation.   In addition if the ‘establishment’ are the patriots and the churchgoers, then they are to be opposed by the political left.  Why? Well, just because…they are conservatives. This type of thinking obviously impacts what our children hear, see and learn.  It reflects on the opposing sides of the “net.’ And our leadership tends to go along with the social justice warriors, more identity politicos that defenders of our Nation’s heritage and faith base. 

The conservative side has its leanings, its prejudices, with an emphasis more on independent thinking, strong family values, less government interference in our lives, a strong emphasis on achievement, learning what enables a person to succeed and be objective, favoring competition, and generally with strong ties to faith or the biblical God.  Conservatives also believe, generally, that States should make the decisions regarding educating children in their respective States, not the Federal government.  The Federal Department of Education should be disbanded save for a small contingent that may allocate funds to help State education programs.  


An evolved label for the liberal side is progressivism, as if they embrace progress. Today the face of the progressive liberal is composed of advocates for black lives matter, efforts to defund the police and make city streets less safe by not incarcerating criminals (no bail), creating alternate American History that punishes white persons (a collective that actually includes all races of successful people) as historically oppressors of slaves (not all slaves were black mind you), seeing no need for God to achieve success, opposing anything a Republican suggests or puts forward legislatively, even as to persons put up for office, to include the Supreme Court, and ignoring the purpose, value, and importance of family, a home with a mother and father to raise children. 

The progressives want the government to provide for their health, for their livelihood, and for their education. They consider these issues as Rights.  They respond to government as a parent responsible for overseeing they have a good life; responsible for their welfare.  They seek ‘equity’ more than equality.  To them ‘equality’ is a God term, also one present in the Declaration of Independence, written by white men, that declares, “all men are created equal.”  


‘Equity’ in fact is a rebalancing by taking from those that achieve and succeed,  living what is defined as better lives in better neighborhoods, and transferring wealth to those considered the ‘have-nots.’ This is all to be done under the aegis of ‘fairness.’ 

The current Administration and its spokespersons use the term ‘equity’ frequently in their penchant to distribute far more than Americans can ever cover under the current tax structure.  Even taking all moneys earned would not pay the indebtedness and for the programs the current authoritarian establishment continues to propose.  

Those that work and earn enough to pay taxes will pay not just for the operations and Constitutional responsibility of the Federal Government, but also for all citizens, primarily those that do not pay taxes.  This is the ‘equity’ todays progressive leaders proffer. 

Progressive liberals find more than the 4th of July, the flag, patriots and God offensive, or divisive, they also find suburbs problematic.  They contest testing that can result in outcomes that may lean towards one ethnic or color group over another as unfair, never considering the role of the parent to have their children succeed and study and thus test well to be able to access better schools and receive the best education possible.  The reason parents motivate their children is so they can take advantage of the equal opportunities our society provides.  But when made less equal, according to the liberals, because there are those willing to work harder and smarter than others, then that is not in ‘equity’ right.   Simply by achieving, no matter the struggle to do so, makes the achiever ‘privileged.’ Those so ‘privileged’ need to share, in ‘fairness.’  This is what is being taught on the left side of the ‘net.’ Beware the words being said and taught by today’s authorities.

As a brief aside.  The 4th of July, referred to as ‘Independence Day,’ may be problematic for the progressives.  They tend to shy away from ‘independence’ in preference for ‘dependence.’ A more dependent society will be beholden to the Federal Government for necessities, and thus vote for those who disregard fiscal responsibility for excessive spending and entitlement offerings.  The Democratic Party platforms tend to identify the wealthy, the achievers, the 1%ers as ‘privileged’ and generate ill-will towards family, God and the successful.  It is as if taking advantage of America’s opportunities is wrong. They also play the Race Card liberally, the target any who have improved their lives, as if those who have achieved look down upon those that have not.  


When it comes to what our children learn, especially in schools and universities, the bias and opinions of the teachers and professors becomes a critical factor  If they favor teaching only the left ‘net’ side, because of their own development and what they believe, whether true or not, the minds of our youth, as sponges, may be filled with toxic ideas and ideals - poisoned. 

Objective teaching should be a requisite, with staff offering both sides of the ‘net’ so as to enable our youth to grow and make their own choices.  In fact opinions should be left at the classroom door, and only facts, proper history, the good, the bad, such as both sides of the Civil War, need to be explained.  Teachers need not tell their student who, what and why they hate.  

Feds and Education

Unfortunately the Federal Government has become all too involved, bringing politics into the classroom.  States Rights as to what a given State can decide to teach children was stripped from States under Jimmy Carter’s Presidency (39th), along with Energy, when the liberals created a National Department of Education (and Energy).  50 experiments for proper education, even the choice of a State a parent might decide to live in because of the education offered, was removed from the American scene.  Now the political party at the helm, should they choose, can dictate what is being taught nationally.  Today we have the ‘net’ divided over Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project, teaching, respectively, hatred towards achievers, considered all ‘white’ and ‘supremacists,’ and altering history and the honored July 4, 1776 start to our Republic and Constitution.  The date Congress endorsed the Declaration of Independence, when we were free at last, is critical to remember.

But there are elements within our free society that want your freedom. They are encouraged at the highest levels. They want to change history.  It was said in 2020, at the time of Independence Day as riots were spreading in major cities in our great nation, the progressives are conducting “a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values and indoctrinate our children.”  Atop the ‘net’ as projected from the progressives is a banner that reads ‘racism.’  This is the divider today, and a constant theme of one side of the political spectrum.  It is voiced without any allowance for objectivity.  We are all subject to this constant discourse and leftist obsession, having ignored any progress, in fact all progress, America has made towards its stated National objective of ‘equality’ for all. 


And the Main Stream Media are mostly clones for the progressives, having grown up drinking the same ‘koolaid.’ They have been restricted in their learning to the left side of the ‘net.’ Had they learned from both sides they may be more open minded and willing to have a dialog. 

At the apex of America’s leadership pyramid we have today a President that has been catering to the progressive side of his Party.

You Gotta Have Faith

The world has little of lasting quality.  It struggles with the material elements and the many temptations. They may be nice for a while, but then fall apart, age, or find a substitute, are discarded, and in many cases become a disappointment.   Humans are fickle.  To deal with the challenges we face daily faith is necessary.  Through faith, and for me a relationship with Jesus, we can see the proper side of the ‘net,’ that which separates truth and fiction, liberal attitudes and conservative attitudes, and make every effort to stay on that side. 


When it comes to the thought of God, the biblical God and the Word as a guide to our lives, the liberals are like the serpent in the Garden of Eden.  The serpent told Eve nothing will happen should you eat the fruit of the forbidden tree, even though God said, anything but that tree.  There is a heavenly ‘net,’ as it were, with God battling daily, Satan, the forces of good versus the forces of evil.  So it boils down to a preference of the side of the ‘net’ to be chosen, that of good, or that of evil, that of resistance to the many temptations of life or simply accepting the temptations as if no harm will result. This is where parenting is essential.  Parents are the first instructor as to what is good.   If they should decide, ignoring that which is good, which they in their own lives may do, they leave a child adrift in a sea without the needed propulsion to take them safely to shore. This is when spiritual leadership is also needed.  A child of God can find a safe footing when all else dissipates.  Being educated on both sides exposes our children to all truth, as well as consequences.  Biblical teaching should not be neglected. 

Love America

I disagree with the July 3 NYT published piece describing ‘patriotism,’ our love of America, as divisive. This really depends on what side of the ‘net’ you are on.  What is more unifying, more patriotic than 4th of July celebrations and displays. Our Flag, America the Beautiful, Glory Glory Hallalujah, the Star Spangled Banner, Stars and Stripes Forever. Come on man!  We celebrate our freedom.  Let history show and be taught as to how America was founded, what our discoverers left, and why, and about the role of religion in our founding.  Let our youth know those who died fighting for our right and desire to be and remain free. And the same applies to freeing us from slavery. Thousands of white men died to eliminate any form of slavery in America. It was a States Rights issue too.  We are neither communist nor marxist, not even a socialistic nation to be dictated to by an autocrat, or autocrats, or even one Party. 

Yes, we are a Judeo-Christian nation.   It is where freedom reigns.  Teach what that means.  Let the Bible be one of the text books used in our schools.  

At one time in our history there were but two texts in schools, the Bible and the Eclectic Primer.   Education is about reading, writing, and arithmetic, then comes history, and literature. Respect for each individual, should be a given.  These skills will enable our youth to live their own lives.    

What value has teaching Critical Race Theory to an elementary school student or high school student, and how will CRT knowhow help a college student get a job. What value has teaching the alphabet as if it is LGBTQ?  I did not have sex education until high school.  Then it was about what happens when we have sex, how babies are formed, and born. Contraception was more abstinence, be careful and not be using Planned Parenthood as a condom after the fact. Hatred must be left out of the class room, with the doors open to working together, cooperation, love of neighbor, your fellow student, a love of knowledge, a desire and willingness to work, to apply oneself, and achieve no matter a person’s background. We are equal. We are equally free.  What we are not is all the same. Inherent in society, across all ethnicities, cultures and skin colors, is diversity. That is the diversity we need to embrace.  It is this mixture that makes America great.   We can learn about each other, respectfully.

Our leaders are in charge of education of all citizens in what they say, how they act, the issues they support, and the appreciation they have for our history, our success, our flag, and our unique independence and freedom.  It is the leaders that must be in the fight to maintain that which the founders created.  The founders created America for all of its citizens.  Certainly there were prejudices, and there still are, but they are being mitigated as we continue to blend into one another as united citizens of a free Nation.  Almost everything made today is made better, works better, and is easier to deal with than in years prior.  Call it all more modern.  So too is our culture and society.  We continue to progress, to modernize, and that takes a committed, God loving, family loving, person (leader, influencer, mentor, parent, friend, teacher) to instill the truth, the facts, the reality, and the proper tone in us all. 

That which is essential for a leader and teacher is to impart wisdom to the many, the multitudes that require proper guidance and correct information. They cannot be deceivers. They are to motivate, encourage, and incentivize and have the majority gather to be filled, and fulfilled, with a love, faith and dedication to one another. We are a Nation of God’s children, to be led by God and equipped to resist the temptations to be free without faith.  Such freedom can lead us in the wrong direction.  For many today, that is what is taking place. It is easy to corrupt.  It is difficult to build up a citizenry to be unified.  That is what makes for a healthy house.  And God needs to be in the house with us. Our leaders as advocates must only be for the good of society, that which makes our Nation great. 

Teach the differences or not, just decide what your children should and can be taught.  Do not allow the system to be your educator, as that creates ‘systematic’ biases.  Parents need to be in charge and remain in charge.  Do not allow the system to become your child’s parent and dictate what they must know. There is no substitute for Mom and Dad.


Are you on the side of being free or not?  Are you on the side of love or hate?  Do you prefer a balanced education, even viewpoints when in balance or allowed to be objectively debated?  Encourage children to embrace history, embrace literature, to read, and to become motivated to explore on their own.  We do not want a Muslim culture where any who read, even own a bible, are to be punished. Allah as a leader was, as noted in the Quran, ‘the best of deceivers.’ That is not what a great leader can be. We must allow children to learn about the leaders, the good and the bad, especially our Presidents, the warriors, the victors and the defeated, the Ulysses Grants and the Robert E. Lees, the Jeffersons, Lincolns, Tafts, Roosevelts, Clintons, Reagans and Obama’s.  How did America form, the States and even Emancipation?  Why did the explorers travel West from Europe and not East to trade with sources then known?  And never forget God. 


Our Education system was once much better.  We need to go back to the structure prior to the Carter Administration’s taking the Right of each State to educate its children according to the will of the people of its State. Educating our children to be open minded, objective, willing to debate, respectful of one another and to think, is critical.  Let the Blue States be Blue and the Red States be Red, and the parents choose in which State they want their children to learn. 

As the graph pictured shows as students get older, instead of being more interested and enthused about education, they are less.  This is a failure of our teacher and system. 

Note:  As this is published Oregon announced a program to reduce the level of education standards, proficiency, in math, reading and writing, to graduate high schools.  This to level the playing field and deal with ‘white supremacy.’  Article being written for future posting:  ‘Proficiency Deficiency.’ 


Thomas W. Balderston

Author and Blogger

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