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Just When You Thought Your Neighborhood Was Protected


Just When You Thought Your Neighborhood Was Protected


During the Obama years many changes took place in our society.  Have you noticed?  Influenced by the controversial Critical Race Theory advocate, professor, promoter, and Harvard Law School professor, Derrick Bell, Obama set a stage that today has protestors carrying banners for BLM, sexual orientation by choice (not by God), teaching hatred towards white people (CRT) across the education spectrum, and invading our communities, our neighborhoods, by encroaching on local politics that decide on zoning policies. The term ‘systematic’ has been applied to racism as if it is ubiquitous throughout our Nation, with blacks in particular oppressed, depressed and incapable of rising from the ashes of the past. That may have been Michelle and Barack’s problem, but not for a great number of successful blacks and black families. Obama proved this point in error by being elected President, but that does not matter.  The liberal progressives have found an avenue for their voices, their rhetoric, to be heard, even though little action follows, and continues the deception in an effort to proclaim their truth as actual truth.  

Stemming the Tide

Trump stemmed the tide to some extent, but his style caused discomfort, among many Republicans too, and he was surprisingly held to a lower vote count than Obama’s VP, Biden, to open the way for the progressive liberal policies to be reignited.  In spite of receiving more votes than any sitting President, as well as winning the States of Florida and Ohio, which have historically been the case for elected Presidents, Biden tallied a larger number than the 75 million for Trump.  

Coming to Your Street, Possibly

The acronym AFFH should be known by all.  Look it up if you do not.  Obama began the process, Trump ended it, and Biden has restored it with even more bells and whistles. However the noise from those bells and whistles should be a blaring alarm of Federal Government encroachment on local authorities and your neighborhood, especially gated, or zoned single family.  I have asked dozens of persons if they knew anything about AFFH or even what the letters mean.  They were clueless. 

Tucker Carlson, of Fox News, has spoken on this subject on several occasions.  If you wish to hear his words here are a couple goto broadcasts. Towns will be ordered to abolish single-family zoning, abolish the suburbs (pre-Biden election) (read).  And after his election we now have this, making suburbs cities, eliminating standard zoning. (read). 

To make it simple, then read what follows.  Using AFFH (Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing) Biden/Harris want to use your local tax dollars that are to be repatriated to your local neighborhood, to eliminate, according to their viewpoint, racial discrimination. That is - nice neighborhoods are inherently racist and need to be re-ordered. Re-ordering would require multi-family housing in currently single-family zoned areas, forcing the need for dollars from the Feds for local transportation needs, and more, to be granted only if your local officials change the zoning. It does not matter that it is your money anyway. The Feds, especially when liberals are at the helm, consider tax revenues their money forgetting the source. Any reduction in revenues hurts them personally as they are then constrained from spending according to their wishes.  I say that, and you must know that I am a WeThe People person.  That means We are in charge, not Them.  Not so for the Democrats (knowing this exposes my bias).  

The Federal Government, when having a Democratic Party leadership present, has historically taken States Rights away so the Federal Government can control nationally, imposing progressive ideals, using Federal Funds (which is from State and local areas), upon States.  States are being denied making decisions for themselves, and the Fed make that possible via withholding funds, repatriating funds, to the States.   It has happened with Education and Energy (under Carter), but also Commerce, Labor, Health, and the Environment (EPA). This fits the platform of the Democratic Party, liberal and progressive ideals, of bigger government is better, and WeThe People need the government to do it all; telling us how to live, think, eat and about the air we breathe. Taking tax dollars we all pay, or some of us pay, the Government then can, using that which State’s need, money from each State, return those dollars, not proportionately mind you, but according to needs.  Needs are determined by the myriad of Federal Departments which employ a vast majority of liberals entrenched in the government roles and difficult to impossible to fire.  


However by discovering that the Federal Government can attach strings that require the States to do the bidding of the Government to have their own money returned, the power provided has emboldened the liberal minded to impose their truth wherever they can.  And their truth today goes to ‘racism,’ ‘white supremacy,’ ‘sexual orientation,’ word usage, ‘Critical Race Theory,’ ‘reparations,’ equity (not equality), 1616 vs 1776, and so much more.  

By now using AFFH and Transportation Grants they have strings on your localities.  They can tell your local leader what they want, not what you want or prefer.  And they want your cozy corner.  They want your choice of suburb living to become more like a Democratic controlled city.  The want to spread the wealth, the crime, the poverty, the density, and have the quiet neighborhoods, the green lawns, and good lives (earned by choice and hard work) to be more like NYC, Chicago, LA, San Fran, and other urban areas. Under Biden and the Democrats Section 8 housing may be coming to a door next door.  Why, to save the planet, to help the climate, to satisfy the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs), and to create a racial balance (even when it may already exist). Blacks, hispanics, asians, along with whites that live in today’s suburbs all fit the ‘white supremacy’ definition of the SJWs, the AOCs, Omars, Harris’s, and others. Biden has hopped on board, having what he has said in the past clearly lies, a cover for the advance of the progressive left agenda, and his cowardice.   Find a copy, read the Home Act or recent HUD declaration.  

Restoring Bad Policy

On Thursday, June 10, 2021, (this year) HUD has restored the AFFH.  It is taking the concept of  ‘barring housing discrimination’ to a new level.  Here is the announcement (read).  It “requires HUD and its funding recipients, such as local communities, to also take affirmative steps to remedy fair housing issues such as racially segregated neighborhoods, lack of housing choice, and unequal access to housing-related opportunities.”  Oh my!  You have been warned. 

Some interpretation.  “Local communities” are the suburbs. “Affirmative steps to remedy fair housing” is doing what the Feds dictate, including changing single-family zoning. “Racially segregated neighborhoods” are not necessarily segregated, but are mostly white and affluent. And “lack of housing choice” is simply too many single family homes and a requirement for more affordable multi-family and subsidized housing. 

This is part of the Democratic agenda and when you vote, if you vote for any Democrat, this is what you can expect.  The anti-Trump vote that may have helped elect Biden, I believe, have may today regretting their decision.  Choices have consequences and when they are based more on emotion than intelligently considering the facts, the persons, the reality, truth, and capabilities of those to be elected, the outcomes can be troublesome.  Today there is trouble in America. 

You Dollars at Work Under Democrat’s Directives

This is where the dollars come in, “municipalities and other HUD funding recipients that must regularly certify compliance with the Fair Housing Act’s AFFH requirement will, in doing so, commit to taking steps to remedy their unique fair housing issues,” or they will not receive funding. We need our roads, bridges, and other essential infrastructure elements which the Federal Government provides Grants to accomplish, but those Grants can now be withheld.  Your roads may be racist, dividing your neighborhoods, the good, bad, and ugly, by highways as defined by the President or the Vice President or the sitting appointed Transportation Secretary, all as arbiters of racism, the impact of climate and the wants of progressives. Whoever thought that I95 was a National racial divider?  

The wrecking ball of the Federal Government under the Democratic Progressive Liberal regime of Biden/Harris, and those actually behind the curtain, is on the ready to have Greenwich, CT change, Boca Raton, Fl, change, the Hamptons (well maybe not the Hamptons, too many liberals actually live there), Boston suburbs change, Hinsdale, Winnetka, and Northbrook, ILL change, McKinney, Plano, University Park, TX change, Alpharetta, Decatur, Johns Creek, GA change, and so on.  Get the point. 

Do Not Be Quiet

Know this:  your voice needs to be heard.  You vote counts.  Your vote matters. Do not be silent.  We need to restore America to a place where people can make their own decisions, not the government making decisions for them, especially not by force or using ‘strings’ as a power ploy.  We need less Government, not more.  We need States Rights preserved and restored.  A good start would be with Education, Health, the Environment and Energy.  We also need to insure proper focus on our security, our police forces and protection services.  Public Service Unions have protected bad cops and bad teachers for far too long.  They also tend to preserve the non-productive, ineffective government employees that bide their time and do little work.  We need fewer government departments, committees, special or otherwise, and fewer Cabinet posts. We do not need Czars or investigative councils that are more like spinning tops that never cease. 

As a brief aside.  The National Teachers Union has recently come out to support teaching Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project in our public schools.  These are controversial topics, considered by many parents who are appearing at their local school board hearings and elsewhere expressing concerns for the racial division these topics further, and that what Obama’s regime appears to have begun has just gone too far.  What role does the Union have in choosing curriculums anyway?  Unions have a role but where they seem to go too far is in protecting bad teachers, and as for Police Unions, bad cops, and now one Union wants to tell parents that their children will be taught.  Remember it is the parents that pay the taxes that pay the teachers and pay for the curriculum planning. It is their voices that need to be heard. 

Anti-WeThe People Governance

This current Administration is not doing the bidding of WeThe People.  Yes, the majority want voters to present proper ID’s.  We want America to be Great and remain the land of opportunity it has always been.  Progress is progress, and the past is the past.  We cannot be made to feel guilty for the sins of our fathers.  We need to raise up leaders that believe in God, that believe in family and tout family values and the need for family unity and integrity in raising their children.  People that are incarcerated, regardless of race or color, are because they are criminals.  Most of those in jail today are children from fatherless homes.  We need leaders that promote family.  It is not the climate that causes buildings to collapse, persons to steal and destroy businesses, and it is not racism either.  It is evil and a lack of leadership, proper discourse, false accusations and lies perpetrated as truth with the Main Stream Media (MSM) the bullhorn of inflammatory rhetoric along with a preference for scandal. 

AFFH is just icing on the cake.  It is not sweet and will not make the cake taste good.  It is being used, some believe, as a means to establish the Democratic Party as totally in control, as it is city populations that vote mindlessly democratic, and not suburbs.  Change the suburbs to be more like democratic cities and keep the power.  That is a plausible conspiracy theory, supported by the habits of Democrats… 

  • to be against the filibuster when in control, and for the  filibuster when in the minority, 
  • to object with every prevarication possible to candidates for posts, to include the Supreme Court, when put forward by Republicans, 
  • to apply the label ‘racist’ every chance they can get, to attack ‘white supremacy’ constantly in order to make it true, when it is not, 
  • to make every attempt to make white people, considered any who succeed, as white, to be guilty for what they achieve by hard word and perseverance, 
  • to make successful persons, all considered white, feel guilty for those that may be in their ancestry analysis 80 to 250 years ago that may have had slaves, or not. 
  • to play the race card as if there is only one suit in our Nations deck of cards, 
  • to use rhetoric to garner support but do nothing, wanting nothing to really change, 
  • to call for Defunding the police (and succeeding in many democrat controlled cities), and now attempting to blame Republicans, 
  • to react as a vampire to a cross when the subjects of God, faith, even family structure and values arise,  
  • to consider patriotism anathema, while love of country, this country especially, free as it is, is more than justified and should be a subject all teachers teach and explain why. 
  • to turn away from BLM, Antifa, and other riotous organizations and hate groups for any cause considered ‘racist’ destroying major cities in the process with little punishment, while at the same time going vigorously after unarmed persons occupying the White House on January 6, even calling for gun legislation when there were no guns, 
  • and to ignore rampant illegal immigration while claiming they are for protecting our borders and citizens.  


This being the case all the while Democrats in power are the most elite of elitists, above the law, as is Hunter, Hillary, Bill, John Kerry, Maxine Waters, et al. Biden is a racist, but the MSM will never call him out on it.  Harris is two faced, each with the same cackle.   The current Administration is making a mockery out of America, personal achievement, family, patriotism, and faith in God, attempting at every step to impose their will.  AFFH is a critical big step they want to take.  If they succeed it will be as stomping on every foot of every American that accepts our flag and our Nation’s ideals and demonstrates for all to see what the American Dream means.  The current regime is making a nightmare out of our dreams.  


Thomas Balderston

Author and Blogger

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